Ryan Dlugosz is a life-long technology geek and creative problem solver. He's been writing programs since elementary school, where he would play with code printed in magazines in the Apple II lab. In more modern times, Ryan spent the better part of a decade designing, implementing and maintaining a suite of Java applications for large-scale image capture and ECM at a financial services firm.

Aside from enterprise work, Ryan has built several applications for small business with a variety of technologies including PHP, Java and Ruby. He has used Rails since the initial announcement and has deployed production apps since Rails 2.3.

Ryan has also worked as a product manager and has a knack for translating technical ideas into business plans for the executive team. He holds a BS in Systems Analysis from Miami University and an MBA from Xavier University. Ryan lives with his wife and 1 year-old daughter in Portland, Maine and is an avid photographer, musician and golfer.

Michael Tomer has been developing software since he was 11. While other kids were outside playing baseball, he was writing games in BASIC. Michael has built Ruby applications for Fortune 500 companies and lean startups; running the gamut from finance, to medicine, and fitness. He never did learn how to properly throw a baseball.

Michael has been a member of the Ruby community for 4 years. He's released a few gems, including his own realtime web framework. In his spare time he enjoys software development, writing music, and developing indie games. His cats permit him and his girlfriend to live with them in Braintree, Massachusetts.